Corporate Finance

In our Corporate Finance business area we structure and arrange cross-sector corporate financing and capital market transactions across all classes of capital for listed and non-listed small and medium sized enterprises as well as medium-sized corporations.

The focus is on working capital financing, investments and growth and (pre-) financing of projects and goods purchases, acquisition financing and the debt rescheduling of existing loans. Another focus are transactions to optimize the balance sheet and improve the working capital, with the corresponding effects on the rating grade.

Our focus

In our Corporate Finance activities we concentrate on established small and medium sized enterprises as well as medium-sized corporations with the following characteristics:

  • experienced and competent management
  • with strong growth potential and/or with good substance
  • sales revenues of EUR 50 - 500 million
  • transaction sizes of EUR 10 - 250 million
  • German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • all sectors, except biotech, pharmaceutical research and arms
  • No start-ups
  • No turnarounds

  • September 2010
    KTG Agrar AG
    EUR 50,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • October 2010
    EUR 10,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Sales Agent
  • June 2011
    KTG Agrar AG
    EUR 100,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • June 2012
    Steilmann Boecker Fashion Point GmbH & Co KG
    EUR 25,600,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Manager


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