Capital Markets

In Capital Markets business area, youmex as a transaction and issueing manager as well as Capital Markets Partner organizes the procurement of capital for small and mid caps with EUR 100 million to 500 million in terms of turnover or market capitalization.

With the involvement of our partners approved by the BaFin as a financial services institutes, we manage the complete process chain of the capital market transaction such as conceptual planning, structuring, preparation, due diligence, valuation, financial analysis, composition of the consortium, creation of prospectuses, IR, PR, placement, stock exchange quotation and/or listing, trading and share price maintenance. The focus is on IPOs, capital increases, segment changes, listing inclusions, mandatory takeover bids, de-listings (going private) as well as issues of small and mid-cap bonds.

Our focus

  • September 2012
    KTG Energie AG
    EUR 25,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Selling Agent
  • September 2010
    KTG Agrar AG
    EUR 50,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • October 2010
    EUR 10,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Sales Agent
  • June 2011
    KTG Agrar AG
    EUR 100,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • February 2012
    Scholz AG
    EUR 150,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Sales Agent
  • April 2012
    MITEC Automotive AG
    EUR 23,750,000
    Corporate Bond
    Sales Agent
  • June 2012
    Steilmann Boecker Fashion Point GmbH & Co KG
    EUR 25,600,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Manager


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