Balance sheet and rating optimization

The rating and thus essential balance sheet figures, e.g. the equity ratio and the leverage ratio, are crucial for the financial viability and the amount of the company’s financing costs.
We streamline your balance sheet and improve important indicators by means of off-balance sheet measures and transfer transactions. This may improve or even create the financing base.

The assets for such balance sheet structuring measures may be non-operating assets, intangible assets (e.g. trademarks or patents) or appropriate current assets. Products for the optimization of balance sheets / ratings are:

  • Off-balance sheet measures
  • Transfer transactions regarding fixed and current assets, R&D costs
  • Factoring
  • Forfaiting
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Leasing 
  • Sale & lease back
  • Sale & rent back
  • Equity base improvement
  • Increase of economic equity (mezzanine)
  • Optimization of the financing structure and maturity by means of debt



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