Dr. Karl Kuhlmann

CEO of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG

"After the issue of our second corporate
bond, placed by youmex, we are able to
strengthen our financial base even more
and accelerate the sustainable growth
course of our core business areas with a
solid foundation."

Your finance and capital market partner

youmex, Frankfurt, Germany, comprises supplementary special units for individual financing solutions in the range from EUR 10 million to EUR 250 million. Since 1999 youmex has been operating as a finance platform.
As a one-stop-shop, youmex simplifies, accelerates and optimizes transactions for all classes of capital, i.e. from debt, mezzanine and equity capital all the way to IPOs and the issue of small and mid-cap bonds. The focus here is on bank-alternative or bank-complementary corporate and project financing.

In the Capital Markets area, youmex and its partner network support all steps required for raising capital. Securities are placed by cooperating financial services providers approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in accordance with §32 KWG. youmex assists small and mid-caps as a transaction manager and placement coordinator. The sweet spot are EUR 100 million to EUR 500 million in terms of turnover or market capitalization.

  • February 2013
    DIC Asset AG
    Segment Change
    Segment Change into Prime Standard
    Mandated Arranger
  • January 2013
    DIC Asset AG
    Increase of
    EUR 30,000,000
    Corporate bonds
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • June 2012
    Steilmann Boecker Fashion Point GmbH & Co KG
    EUR 25,600,000
    Corporate Bond
    Lead Manager
  • February 2013
    KTG Agrar AG
    Increase of
    EUR 80,000,000
    Bearer bond II
    Lead Institutional Sales
  • October 2010
    EUR 10,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Sales Agent
  • September 2012
    KTG Energie AG
    EUR 25,000,000
    Corporate Bond
    Selling Agent


Kai Hartmann

Owner of
youmex group

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