Clean Energy

In our Clean Energy business area, we structure and arrange bridge, short-term and long-term financing of wind and solar parks as well as biogas, biomass and hydro power plants throughout Europe for project developers, investors and utilities. We can also depict time critical bottleneck financing. By accessing more than 400 investors worldwide, we also market and place wind and solar power plants – directly or in the form of investments in project companies.

As an intermediary between project developers, banks, investors, and companies in the energy area we work out tailor-made financing solutions and place energy projects of a minimum amount of EUR10 million with investors.


Project focus

Types of project Ticket sizes
Solar power plants in the photovoltaic sector as well as solar thermal energy from 25 MWp
Wind power plants, onshore from 15 MW
Biomass and biogas facilities on an industrial scale from 25 MW
Hydroelectric power plants from 5 MW

Country focus

  • June 2013
    Onshore Windpark
    9,6 MW
    Project Sale
    wind farm in Hesse
    Mandated Arranger
  • December 2014
    Schöller Wind GmbH
    6.6 MW
    Project Sale
    wind farm in Rhineland-Palatinate
    Mandated Arranger
  • October 2012
    SUNOWE Photovoltaic
    Zhejiang Sunflower LLC
    20 MWp
    Project Sale
    solar park Elsterheide
    Mandated Arranger
  • May 2011
    Ecoware S.p.a.
    EUR 15,000,000
    Bridge Financing of
    Fotoware 3 solar power plant
    Mandated Arranger


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