Small and mid cap bonds

Exchange-traded corporate bonds are a relevant alternative to bank loans. In the past, this type of financing was reserved to large companies. Now there are stock exchange segments for small and medium-sized enterprises that can be used for capital procurement.

Advantages of small and mid cap bonds

The issue of a small and mid cap bond will provide many benefits:

  • Broader financing base, thus more independence from banks
  • Stronger position in negotiations with main banks
  • Low need for collateral. Mostly without collateral or with few covenants
  • Bullet repayment creates liquidity advantages
  • Increase of company's awareness
  • Simplified accounting framework, German HGB accounting is sufficient
  • Leeway for the structuring of the intended use
  • Preparation for the subsequent IPO

youmex together with banks and financial service institutes will also assist and support your company during the complete bond issue process. This will already start in advance of a capital market action where candidates will be systematically prepared for a transaction.
This also includes further components of other classes of capital, if necessary for capital market maturity.


Task for youmex

1. Analysis

  • Company / bond story
  • Ability to access the capital market
  • Market environment

2. Structuring the bond

  • Volume
  • Coupon
  • Denomination
  • Stock exchange
  • Term
  • Time slot / timing

3. Organization of advisors

  • Lawyer (prospectus)
  • Rating agency
  • Putting together the consortium
  • Stock exchange
  • Securities dealer
  • Investor Relations
  • Paying agent

4. Presales / Sales

  • Determination of potential demand
  • Price indication
  • Sales Institutionals and Retail (Banks)
  • Processing / allocation

5. Going public

  • Choice of stock exchange:
    Entry Standard for small and mid caps, bondm, midmarket
  • Listing and trading


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