Dr. Karl Kuhlmann

CEO of S.A.G. Solarstrom AG

"After the issue of our second corporate
bond, placed by youmex, we are able to
strengthen our financial base even more
and accelerate the sustainable growth
course of our core business areas with a
solid foundation."

youmex group realigned – takeover of wealth management successful


youmex group has realigned itself strategically. The busines fields capital markets advisory and corporate finance as well as project finance for real estate, clean energy and infrastructure are complemented synergetically by the investment business and the new wealth management consisting of investment brokerage, investment advisory and asset management.

Kai Hartmann, sole owner of youmex group, used the last 18 months to realign the youmex financial group concerning staff, strategy and operations. Thereby youmex AG is the operational holding company and supports German and International Companies at IPOs, capital increases, bond issueings and other capital markets activities as a listing partner of Deutsche Börse. As a specialist on structured finance, youmex AG arranges transactions as a One-Stop-Shop, where debt, mezzanine and equity are combined if needed. “Since 2010 and as an independent, bank alternative and bank complementary financial arranger, youmex has placed over 1.1b € for companies and projects at professional and institutional investors, thus being a top address in this business.” says Martin Attenhauser, CEO of youmex AG.

As of January 2017, the private banking business of asset manager inprimo privatinvest, Frankfurt am Main, is taken over and aligned into youmex Wealth Management AG as a subsidiary of youmex AG. In doing so, not only the client base consisting of High Net Worth Individuals, family offices and corporate investors, but also the relevant workforce was taken over. This concerns especially Thomas Herrmann, who is the CEO of the new company, but also Palmira Cardoso as Head of Back-Office.

The banker Thomas Herrmann worked for 10 years at UBS investment bank in several executive positions. Subsequently followed by 5 years as branch manager for BHF Bank as well as 7 years as branch manager of LGT Bank Cologne and Frankfurt and 4 years as managing director of inprimo. Palmira Cardoso began her career in 1996 at Dresdner Bank as banker with an instructor's license and finally as branch manager. Afterwards she worked for 3 years as associate director at UBS Sauerborn. In the following 8 years she worked at different asset management firms and banks in the private banking sector, at last for inprimo privatinvest GmbH.

“After more than 25 years of experience in private banking I decided to join youmex as an independent and sustainable oriented asset manager.” says Thomas Herrmann. ”In this respect I am very pleased that we managed to win the widely connected Pierre Drach as supervisory board.” Pierre Drach has nearly 30 years of experience in the capital markets business and is the managing director of Independent Research, the biggest independent research company in Germany.

“The takeover and start of our new branch for wealth management marks the successful high point of the company’s realignment and restructuring process of youmex group.” says Kai Hartmann as the one responsible for the strategy. In 2017, the wealth management as well as the finance and investment branch shall expand operationally and personally. “While doing so, we will focus on people, who join us by conviction and who live and respect our fundamental values such as loyalty, reliability, trust, commitment and integrity.”

youmex Capital GmbH, former sister company of youmex AG, was taken over as a subsidiary and still focuses on participations an investments. It invests own funds in the forms of equity and mezzanine in real estate and clean energy projects as well as companies. Here too, reinforcement of staff shall take place very promptly.

About youmex:
Since 1999 the youmex group, Frankfurt am Main, simplifies, accelerates and optimizes funding, capital markets transactions and investments. As arranger for structured corporate finance and investment finance, youmex supports transactions on acquiring capital, balance structure optimization, working capital and trade finance with equity, mezzanine, debt, IPOs, capital increases and bonds.
Concerning project finance, the focus lies on real assets. youmex arranges especially interim and final finance of real estates, wind and solar parks for project developers and investors.
In the investment business, youmex uses their access to over 2500 investors to place real estates and power plants as well as acquiring participations in companies and projects.
In the business field of wealth management youmex focuses on professional private clients, entrepreneurs and their families as well as institutional investors, while following a sustainable investment strategy.

youmex AG
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